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Kinematic equations for control of Robotic Systems
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Автор:  san [ 26 серпня 2014, 00:49 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Kinematic equations for control of Robotic Systems

Kinematic equations for control of Robotic Systems
Kinematic equations relate the Cartesian coordinate system to a crane’s spherical coordinate system. These equations also allow modern motion controllers to perform the calculations necessary for the smooth control of robotics.
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Controlling the motion of a robotic system often requires knowledge of the relationships between the end effector orientation (often referred to as tool tip or commanded reference frame or commanded coordinate system) and the orientation of the physically controlled actuators or motors that ultimately manipulate the end effector (also commonly referred to as the controlled reference frame or controlled coordinate system). This knowledge can be generally referred to as the kinematic structure of the robotic system, and is represented by kinematic equations. Some high performance motion controllers have the capability to utilize such equations to generate coordinated motion trajectories, allowing real time position control of a robotic system. In this article, kinematic equations will be developed for two specific robotic systems.


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