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Process Instrumentation: Get the Data, Use the Data
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Автор:  san [ 20 вересня 2014, 19:45 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Process Instrumentation: Get the Data, Use the Data

Process Instrumentation: Get the Data, Use the Data
Smart instruments can deliver unprecedented amounts of information, but using the data to improve plant performance can be challenging.
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To paraphrase an old axiom, accurate measurement is a prerequisite for control. For industrial automation, this means that sensors and instruments must measure data consistently, reliably, and accurately. Once these measurements are made, actions can be taken toward improved real-time control and proactive maintenance.
End users are increasingly moving away from traditional solutions that rely on pneumatic, mechanical, or analog technologies as they design new plants or upgrade existing facilities. These traditional technologies are being rapidly replaced with newer solutions that rely on innovative measurement techniques and digital technologies. The end result is more and better data—and if used properly these data can increase quality, reliability, and safety.
The product mix demanded by end users tells the tale as purchases of more modern instrumentation have shifted dramatically over the past two decades. For example, flowmeter purchases have seen a dramatic trend of increasing Coriolis meter sales and decreasing mechanical flowmeter purchases as end users recognize the value of increased accuracy and reliability from sensors with fewer moving parts.


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