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Data Capture Unit (DCU)
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Автор:  san [ 10 травня 2018, 14:42 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Data Capture Unit (DCU)

Sharing and monitoring data from critical networks without compromising security
Traditionally, critical industrial control systems are protected either by a firewall or by an air-gap, meaning they are completely isolated from the remaining network. Both have significant shortcomings as an air-gap does not allow the real-time flow of information while firewalls are susceptible to misconfiguration and back doors. A DCU is a far better way to keep a critical network safe while granting limited access. It is a one-way transfer device that permits data to be sent from the critical network for monitoring or use by a remote user, without allowing a potential entry point or attack vector into the critical network.

Data Capture Unit (DCU) Smart, unidirectional, unobtrusive and undetectable network tap and one-way gateway for monitoring of critical network

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