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 Тема повідомлення: Serial Network Device Security Routers with Device Routers
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Serial Network Device Security Routers with Device Routers
Providing cyber security for legacy serial networks can be simpler using a new family of serial device routers. These devices bridge the gap between Ethernet and serial protocols while providing protection.
http://e-ditionsbyfry.com/Olive/ODE/CTL ... w=document
As security continues to be in the forefront of the challenges facing designers of industrial networks, legacy systems, using serial intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and other serial network components that have been operating faithfully for years, have become a significant concern. Typically separate from newer Ethernet deployments, they fall outside any automated security strategy, yet their splendid isolation can make them a target for attack.
This decades-long accumulation of industrial devices that utilize asynchronous, serial protocols for operational applications, such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and for industrial device console interfaces, can have its serial communications requirements met via separate networks distinct from Internet protocol (IP)/Ethernet infrastructure. But there is no way to implement managed remote cyber security for traditional serial applications. For an effective communications-system-wide security program, as well as overall network efficiency, it would be better to integrate serial devices on the edge of industrial networks with the central IP/Ethernet network for ease of management and to extend IP-based cyber security features to the serial edge of the network.
Holistic architectures are coming on the market that allow the serial edge to be an integral part of an automated, secure network system. An emerging class of products called serial device routers supports architecture that allows managers to design and control integrated industrial networks that provide monitoring, management, and security for the entire network, including legacy systems.


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