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Keep documentation in sync with code
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Автор:  san [ 11 вересня 2014, 00:40 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Keep documentation in sync with code

Keep documentation in sync with code
Deferring software documentation based on highly optimistic perfection expectations (HOPE) is not a successful project strategy.
http://e-ditionsbyfry.com/Olive/ODE/CTL ... w=document
Not keeping an engineering project’s user, design, and test documents up to date with software code is the last bad habit in my short list of the 7 Bad Habits of Unsuccessful Projects. (Link to all 7, below.)
Manufacturing projects that are software intensive differ from most other engineering projects because you can’t “see” the final product until it is almost complete. End users and reviewers cannot evaluate the final product until it becomes marginally operational. Poorly run (and sometimes smaller) projects don’t build models or prototypes that end users and reviewers can see and evaluate. Documentation in the form of design documents, user guides, installation manuals, and help files provide end users and betatesters a window into the project to evaluate the system before it is too late to change. Without documentation there is a reliance on hope that the delivered system is correct.

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