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 Тема повідомлення: Don’t overlook S/N ratio
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Don’t overlook S/N ratio
http://e-ditionsbyfry.com/Olive/ODE/CTL ... w=document
Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is used as a system figure of merit and as a system design parameter in communicating information, whether for an automated process control system or for spacecraft applications. The concept of higher the SNR value the better the system or device performance is simple enough, but keeping signal levels high is often impractical and holding down electrical noise often becomes the solution.
This is no simple task since numerous noise sources reside in a system—common ones include sensor noise, signal-conditioning electronic noise, analog-to-digital conversion uncertainty (modeled as noise), and software algorithm errors in extracting data from signals (modeled as noise).
An extreme example of SNR management is the Voyager 2 spacecraft. Launched over 27 years ago and having traveled more than 7 billion miles from our sun, the spacecraft is expected to
continue transmitting data until year 2020 (43 years in flight), sending trillions of data bits back to NASA with a signal transmitter power tiny compared to earthly radio and TV stations. Yet NASA successfully receives this information from billions of miles away using 1977-vintage spacecraft electronics—albeit with a 10-hr delay due to the enormous distance even with radio signals traveling near light speed (186,000 miles/second).

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