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 Тема повідомлення: Nuclear Level Measurement
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Nuclear Level Measurement
http://e-ditionsbyfry.com/Olive/ODE/CTL ... w=document
Nuclear (gamma) level measurement technology has been applied effectively for measuring liquids and solids for more than 30 years. A typical system consists of a gamma ray source, a detector and microprocessor. The gamma source is normally mounted outside the vessel, and emits energy through the walls and contents, collimated towards the detector, which is mounted on the opposite side. The gamma energy emitted reaches the detector when the vessel is empty. As the process level rises in the vessel, energy reaching the detector will decrease in an inversely proportional relationship to the level. A computer processes the detector signal and transmits the process variable as 4-20 mA analog or digital fieldbus signal. Gamma technologies are an attractive option to users because they can usually be mounted external to the tank or vessel, allowing for installation and maintenance without modifications to the tank or interrupting the process. With pressurized or exotic alloy vessels, this can be a major advantage since adding openings to accommodate a sensor may not be practical. Gamma sensors have capabilities that make them particularly suited for applications that other technologies find difficult: Solid or liquid contents not a factor; Immune to internal obstructions; Wide range of process temperatures; Chemical characteristics not critical; Unaffected by turbulence, flow variations; and, Reads through mist, foam and heavy vapor density. Technologies such as radar, ultrasonic and differential pressure are all affected to some extent by foam or changes in gas density, giving errors in critical level measurements. A gamma system can easily and economically compensate for these effects with the addition of a second point detector which is coupled to the processor. This is illustrated in the externally mounted sources graphic. The upper sensor provides a reference beam through the air space, providing an accurate picture of changes in internal density that might affect the actual liquid level reading. An auto calibration feature built into the signal processor enables the system to nullify the effects of any build-up on the vessel walls, giving a true level measurement of the process. Lower radioactivity required


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