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Non-contact laser measurement
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Автор:  san [ 15 вересня 2014, 23:58 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Non-contact laser measurement

Non-contact laser measurement
Manufacturers in a range of industries can use non-contact laser encoders to accurately measure the length and speed of products and optimize process control.
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Traditionally, manufacturers obtain length and speed measurements from mechanical measurement methods such as rotary encoders, tachometers, and drive encoders. Contact measurement methods can have mechanical and calibration problems that cause costly measurement errors.
Non-contact, laser-based encoders can be readily used for many common manufacturing applications, such as measuring continuous product length and speed, controlling cutting systems, regulating differential product speed, and positioning products. Noncontact encoders are being used on production lines for manufacturing paper, film, and foil products; packaging; nonwoven and textile materials; building materials; metals; and other industrial products. Accuracy and reliability of non-contact laser encoders is enabling manufacturers to realize significant product quality improvements, production savings, and a fast return on investment (ROI).


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