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IO Link: Sensor to Automation System Communication
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Автор:  san [ 23 серпня 2014, 01:00 ]
Тема повідомлення:  IO Link: Sensor to Automation System Communication

IO Link: Sensor to Automation System Communication
New communications technology makes the ‘final yard’ of cabling in automated systems more communicative and intelligent.
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Innovations in sensors such as proximity switches have been impressive. The packages are smaller, yet have longer ranges. Microcontroller-driven “teach-in” processes for precise sensor settings have replaced cumbersome and inaccurate potentiometer synchronization. Diagnostics have expanded to include such things as early warnings against dirt contamination.
Yet, to be able to fully use these new developments in diagnostic and parameter information , they must be made available to the automation system. Beyond the basic on/off switching signal, the interface between the I/O module and the sensor should provide the possibility of exchanging diagnostics and parameter data. Only in this way can the capability of the sensors be optimally utilized.
Until now, the only way to communicate with “intelligent” proximity sensors is with a separate PC directly connected to them, because this newfound intelligence stops at the interface. It goes no farther because there is no way for it to go. Modern automation systems do not have the benefit of standardized, bidirectional communication between the sensors and the control level.


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