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Industrial Networks: Open Source
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Автор:  san [ 26 серпня 2014, 22:18 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Industrial Networks: Open Source

Industrial Networks: Open Source
Open source industrial network software can be more economical than commercial choices and avoids problems associated with developing protocol stacks.
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Industrial networks options are many. If modifications are desired beyond the commercially available industrial network, suppliers offer commercial products that support protocols. In some cases, open source options may be a more viable option.
Probably due to the cost of commercial products, many companies decide to start developing their own protocol stack. Often this turns out to be a bad decision, since the necessary effort is always much larger than initially expected.
So why not start with an open-source implementation, and modify it to suit your requirements? Below is an overview of some open-source implementations. (Editor’s note: More industrial network information is linked to this article online accessible via the August 2009 issue archive at http://www.controleng.   com/archive  ).

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