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Integrating Disparate Control Systems
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Автор:  san [ 20 вересня 2014, 22:09 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Integrating Disparate Control Systems

Integrating Disparate Control Systems
Advancements in open systems and network technologies are showing vendors and manufacturers alike that ‘playing nice on the same wire’ can build bridges between once-isolated islands of automation and reap benefits for everyone.
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It’s love, says one popular song, that keeps us together. But when it comes to the manufacturing environment today, it’s more likely protocols, networks, and standards that are the bonds keeping us connected and communicating. And those tools are growing and thriving, linking our industrial operations together in new and useful ways and boosting manufacturing efficiency as never before.
Not too long ago, the plant floor was characterized by islands of automation—components, machines, and systems operating independently of each other and separately from management and other functions. Processes were slower and often difficult to optimize, and data for measuring performance, scheduling maintenance, and determining profitability were difficult, if not impossible, to obtain.
So what has happened to enable the connectivity that industry enjoys today? “A number of technology advancements have brought us to an automation and manufacturing world that is completely different from even 10 years ago,” said Joey Stubbs, PE, PMP, North American representative, EtherCAT Technology Group. “In fact, technology today is available to overcome most any networking barrier. You can install an EtherCAT-enabled DIN-rail mounted PC, for instance, that is able to ‘talk’ several other protocols. Although it might not be the most efficient system, or even the most cost-effective, it would be possible.”


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