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Qualify an Advanced Control Project
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Автор:  san [ 21 серпня 2014, 21:51 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Qualify an Advanced Control Project

Qualify an Advanced Control Project
Qualify and execute financially successful advanced control projects: understand process characteristics, performance objectives, contracts, and schedules.
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Afinancially successful advanced process control (APC) project requires a project manager with skills to adequately qualify the project, negotiate contracts, and shape project schedules. In most APC efforts, the volume of information is not large, but a precise understanding of process characteristics and performance objectives is critical from the beginning, since it is the basis for application design.
With large system projects, procedures for accurately and efficiently gathering and using large amounts of configuration information are critical to overall success. A large portion of the project manager’s efforts must be devoted to overseeing this data flow, while information related to process response characteristics is relatively unimportant until commissioning.
How to qualify a project
You have to pick your battles. The most important step in achieving a successful APC project is picking the right project in the first place. A good candidate will have four essential characteristics.
1. Significant economic opportunity. Previous installments in this series have presented techniques for evaluating the economic benefits from an APC project. The same techniques can provide estimates to justify the cost of a project.
The contracts section below presents additional information on setting performance objectives. But typically, increasing production will provide the largest benefit, by far. An APC effort that can recover unused unit capacity by operating against variable constraints without requiring any process modifications will almost always provide a very significant return on investment (ROI) and easily justify itself in a very short time, often a few weeks.


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