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Rapid Design and Prototyping of PID Controllers
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Автор:  san [ 11 вересня 2014, 01:09 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Rapid Design and Prototyping of PID Controllers

Rapid Design and Prototyping of PID Controllers
Computer models can simulate processes, allowing you to design and refine PID controller action before it is implemented and deployed.
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PID (proportional-integral-derivative) controllers are ubiquitous. Designing and tuning them may appear simple in theory, but can be difficult in practice. A common tuning approach is to adjust controller gains manually while the controller runs the plant. This time-consuming method requires access to the plant hardware and can lead to damage if chosen gain values result in unstable behavior. This article shows how development can be improved by using model-based design to design, test, and implement PID controllers systematically on programmable logic controllers (PLCs), programmable automation controllers (PACs), and microprocessors.
With model-based design we use a block-diagram environment to create system models of the plant and controller. These models can be simulated, allowing us to iterate and refine controller design quickly before it is implemented and deployed. The need for access to plant hardware is reduced because we can do a lot of testing through simulations instead of involving the plant. Early verification through simulation ensures that the controller performs as expected when deployed to the actual plant. This type of simulation and analysis is possible using a number of different software platforms from various vendors. In this particular case, our team used Simulink from MathWorks.


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