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Mining Control System Drawings Made Easy
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Автор:  san [ 09 вересня 2014, 12:40 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Mining Control System Drawings Made Easy

Mining Control System Drawings Made Easy
Electrical and instrumentation drawing software, rather than traditional CAD drafting methods, provides mining project engineers with major efficiency gains.
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Over time, skilled professionals develop effective methods for designing infrastructure and often are reluctant to deviate from those tried-and-true practices. Yet the more daring among them understand that experimentation often leads to breakthroughs. A case in point is LE80JV, the joint venture of LogiCamms and Electro80 that specializes in implementing large electrical and control system engineering projects. When the company was hired to work on a pair of large projects for the mining company Iluka Resources, it saw a chance to use electrical and instrumentation drawing software rather than traditional computer-aided design (CAD) drafting methods.
The projects involved mineral sands mining and processing in the Australian state of Victoria, with zircon being the end product. According to LogiCamms Vice President Garry McGrechan, “At the beginning, a decision had to be made whether to use traditional CAD drafting methods to produce the electrical and instrumentation drawings, or to use an intelligent design drawing package.” The decision was made to use Bentley Systems’ promis-e electrical design software to streamline the design phase and help meet the first project’s 18-month schedule.


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