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Equipment – what’s in a name?
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Автор:  san [ 21 серпня 2014, 20:27 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Equipment – what’s in a name?

Equipment – what’s in a name?
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The “information” part of manufacturing IT is as important as the “technology” part. One important element of managed information is the correct identification of the equipment used for manufacturing.
Equipment identification is used for scheduling, qualification, tracking and tracing, maintenance, troubleshooting, visualization (HMI), finance, capacity tracking, overall equipment effectiveness and multiple other reasons. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for a manufacturing company to have four or more different identifications for a single piece of equipment. Therefore, a critical aspect of equipment information management is managing different equipment IDs across multiple vendor systems and applications.
There are two main categories of equipment identification: an identification of the role that the equipment performs, independent of which the case of small equipment, the three separate identification tags and vendor make and model information can cover most of the equipment’s surface area.
SCADA OR HMI systems recognize the rolebased identifications of the equipment. These IDs usually correspond to a common functional name or a name documented on a process and instrumentation diagram drawing. Individual pieces of equipment often follow the ISA naming conventions, while collected elements (such as units) follow company-specific naming conventions. Data historians also require equipment identification. While the historian equipment tag names are often the same as the SCADA/ HMI names, if systems from different vendors are combined, then IDs can be different. Manufacturing execution system systems will often use the SCADA/HMI names for equipment, but name inconsistencies also can occur because vendors have different ID rules.

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