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Dealing with Undocumented Field Device Changes
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Автор:  san [ 27 серпня 2014, 22:26 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Dealing with Undocumented Field Device Changes

Dealing with Undocumented Field Device Changes
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The most popular subject of discussion in 2009 on Control Engineering’s Facebook and LinkedIn groups (see box for direct links) grew out of the following discussion post: Should operators be free to make their own changes to instrumentation settings, or should this be subject to more formal change management?
On our LinkedIn group alone, this topic drew more than 100 comments.
This discussion got its start after we heard about an increasing number of instances in which operators were adjusting instruments in the field — usually to reduce nuisance alarms — but without making a corresponding database change. When this happens, no one else is aware of the change, and if a process tied to one of those instruments goes out of spec due to that change, correcting it can become a complex process since no notice of the change is reflected in the database.
To summarize this wide-ranging discussion, I’ve collected some of the more salient points and grouped them into the four areas under which most of the comments seemed to fall — impact on controls; instrumentation and software tools; procedures; and ultimate responsibility.


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