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Reduce Servo Motor Instability
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Автор:  san [ 20 вересня 2014, 20:00 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Reduce Servo Motor Instability

Reduce Servo Motor Instability
Motor instability, uncontrolled and unintended motion at the motor shaft, can occur at low or high frequencies and often cause growling at higher frequencies. Effectively reduce or eliminate servo instability without increasing position errors or decreasing performance.
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As servo drives are being used in a wider range of industrial applications, a common complaint is they can make an undesired “growling” noise. This problem can be eliminated by reducing the gain on the speed controller. However, lower speed controller gains can lead to an increase in position error and a decrease in performance. There are effective ways to reduce or eliminate servo instability.
Instability in a motor can be defined as uncontrolled and unintended motion at the motor shaft. It can occur at low or high frequencies and often is audible as growling at higher frequencies. Instability is caused by excessive gain in the speed controller of the drive. The gain setting of the speed controller determines how much torque the drive will generate. For this reason, the gain value should be directly proportional to the inertia of the connected load that is seen by the motor shaft. The load seen by the motor shaft is a factor that affects stability.
Some may wonder why they have never had instability problems with ac vector drives. However, vector drives can also reach unstable conditions. In practice, most servo applications are more dynamic than speed-only applications. The more dynamic applications require higher gains in the speed controller, which increases the chance of instability.


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