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Energy efficiency: Regenerative Braking
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Автор:  san [ 20 вересня 2014, 20:04 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Energy efficiency: Regenerative Braking

Energy efficiency: Regenerative Braking
Instead of wasting the potential energy associated with the BackEMF voltage of a vehicle’s electric motor via heat loss, it can be used to recharge the vehicle’s battery. and therefore recover energy.
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In the motion control industry, the term “regeneration” or “regenerative braking” refers to using the power associated with the BackEMF (back electromotive force) voltage of an electric motor to charge a battery. This is the opposite of the normal operational mode where the battery is used to provide power to an electric motor. However, since an electric motor can act as a generator, a system can be designed where the power flow (in or out) of the motor and battery can change in real time. So, instead of throwing away the BackEMF power into heat loss, it can be used to recharge the battery, thereby recovering energy, adding to overall system efficiency.


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