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Getting Control of Electric Power
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Автор:  san [ 21 серпня 2014, 20:31 ]
Тема повідомлення:  Getting Control of Electric Power

Getting Control of Electric Power
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There is a temptation for control engineers to simply assume that facilities managers will magically provide electric power in sufficient quantity and of sufficient quality to feed the automated systems they create. These systems, however, have appetites large enough to disrupt finely balanced electric distribution systems, degrading power quality. At the same time, they are often finicky enough to get bellyaches when consuming power of less than perfect quality.
Therefore, it is important for control engineers to understand the basics of how to analyze electric power quality and how to remediate ailing distribution systems.
As independent power-system analyst Gerald Hajek says: “Power analysis involves almost anything and everything that might have to do
with electricity, all the way from a generating station down to batteries inside of a DC-powered device. It compares what was expected to what we have, or what kind of a problem we have to what might cause it.”
Frank Healy, product marketing manager for power quality products at Fluke Corp., points out: “Harmonics do not cause the biggest complaints. When equipment goes wrong for some unknown reason, it’s usually things like voltage dips caused by motor startups, switching modes, faulty breakers, and all those kinds of things.”
“In addition,” says Dan Carnovale, power quality solutions manager for Eaton Corp., “issues include energy management and operational cost efficiencies. We like to break it down into symptoms, sources and solutions. That’s the way we do any kind of analysis.”


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